We are committed to building community, healing and hope

Our mission home is in Santiago Ixcán, the center of five multiethnic, multilingual jungle villages. We have immersed ourselves in the culture, walking with the people in their daily lives, offering prayer, companionship and hope. It is truly a ministry of presence. Learning and understanding the challenges of life here, we are helping the people in areas of health, education, economic hardship and spiritual concerns. In addition, we provide support for the lay missioner and are committed to promoting peace and justice.

What We Do?

  • Expand economic opportunity by developing micro-businesses
  • Empower indigenous women
  • Provide emergency medical and material financial assistance
  • Promote education by providing scholarship programs
  • Build community with the people of Ixcán
  • Raise awareness and provide opportunities for short and long term missions
  • Provide support of the lay missioner
  • Promote peace and Justice